Private Growth

Global Innovation

Targeting growth equity investments in highly innovative, mid-late stage technology companies

New technologies are enabling innovative businesses to grow faster than ever before. During their hyper-growth phase, many prefer to remain private for longer, scaling faster while staying under the radar of competitors. As these businesses mature, many seek funding from investors with private and public market capabilities and demonstrated track records of long-term investing such as Sands Capital.

As of October 1, 2021, the firm was redefined to be the combination of Sands Capital Management, LLC and Sands Capital Ventures, LLC. The two investment advisers are combined to be one firm for GIPS® purposes and are doing business as Sands Capital. Sands Capital operates as a distinct business organization, retains discretion over the assets between the two registered investment advisers, and has autonomy over the total investment decision making process.

Our Investment Focus

In addition to the six criteria that guide all investment decisions at Sands Capital, Global Innovation invests in businesses that fit the following criteria:


Highly innovative
technology businesses with strong unit economics


Typically targeting
mid-late stage technology businesses


Targeting major innovation hubs around the globe


$25 million to $100 million target investment size
per company

Portfolio Businesses

Strategy Team

A bold mission requires a strong team. We sought out individuals who share our passion and are integrated with the broader Sands Capital investment team. We have assembled a deep bench of personnel to execute on our mission.

a man with brown hair in a navy blue jacket and a checked shirt smiles at the camera

Emerson Bluhm, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Sr. Research Analyst

a woman with dark hair smiling at the camera

Tiffany Chen


a man in dark hair with a beard, wearing a black jacket and white shirt smiles at the camera

Michael Clarke

Managing Partner

Phoebe J. Cooke

Executive Assistant

a man in a suit looking into the camera

Scott Frederick

Managing Partner

Kumar arab man smiles at the camera

Kumar Gautam


young man in light brown hair wearing a black jacket and a light blue shirt smiles at the camera

Andrew C. Gavlin

Sr. Research Associate

a man with gray hair wearing dark-rimmed glasses wearing a white shirt and a black striped suit smiles at the camera

Michael Graninger

Managing Partner

a man with brown hair in a black jacket and a light blue shirt smiles at the camera

Jason S. Harden, CFA

Sr. Research Analyst

a man with short black hair wearing a black jacket and striped shirt smiles at the camera

Barron Martin Jr., CFA

Managing Partner

Tye Merlo

Director of Compliance, Associate Counsel

a man with brown hair wearing a black jacket and white shirt smiles at the camera

Frank M. Sands, CFA

Chief Investment Officer
Chief Executive Officer

Marina Serenbetz