Daily NAV

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. The value of a Fund’s investments and any income derived therefrom may fall as well as rise and investors may not recoup the original amount invested in a Fund. Please refer to the Prospectus of Sands Capital Funds plc and Key Investor Information Document relating to the relevant Share class for details of risks to be considered when investing in a Fund. The Funds are priced at 4:00 pm (Eastern Standard Time). Factors including changes in the rate of exchange between the currency in which the Fund’s assets are denominated, the currency of the Fund and the currency of the Share class of your investment, may have the effect of causing the value of your investment to fluctuate. The “Daily Change” columns represent pricing movement from the previous day’s price. The reference to “NAV” means Net Asset Value, as calculated in accordance with the terms of the Prospectus and Constitution of Sands Capital Funds plc.