Our Culture

Every aspect of the Sands Capital culture is geared toward delivering strong results for our clients.

Our Mission

Sands Capital exists to add value and enhance the wealth of our clients with prudence over time.

Our Purpose

For Clients

We enable clients to fulfill their missions which include providing sustainable and better retirements, better healthcare, innovative research, and charitable works for a better world.

For Society

We perform the important function of allocating capital to businesses that innovate, solve problems, and improve billions of people's lives by offering better products and services to the global economy and by creating jobs, tax revenue, and institutions that enhance civil society.

For Our People

We create a dynamic work environment that challenges them to bring forth their best creative talents, experience fulfillment, and grow in a supportive culture. We value and appreciate every member of our team.

Our Values

These are some attributes that we hold in high regard and believe are critical for high-performing teams that add value over the long term.

Investing is a Team Sport

As Sands Capital has grown over the years, we have remained focused on protecting a client-centered, research-driven environment where our people can contribute collectively to add value for clients. We believe many success factors, including our philosophy and approach, create the lasting culture of Sands Capital and provide a clear competitive advantage for our clients.

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