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Business Perspectives
Episode 2: Dexcom
Discover the future of diabetes detection and treatment in the latest episode of Sands Capital’s What Matters Most podcast. Jenny Goldsmith, Sr. Research Analyst, examines Dexcom, a business that’s rewriting the rules of diabetes care through trailblazing software and predictive algorithms.
Investment Strategy
From Beta to Alpha
U.S. markets have recovered following 2022’s historic selloff, leading some to question what comes next. Valuations are elevated, the cost of capital is the highest it’s been in decades, and overall economic and geopolitical uncertainty remains. In this environment, we believe certain active approaches are better positioned to benefit than others.
Investment Strategy
Is China Investible?
China’s changing macroeconomic and geopolitical dynamics call for a nimbler and more selective investment approach. Renewable energy and industrial automation are among the developing opportunities where we see value creation potential.
Business Perspectives
Episode 1: Entegris
You’ll find semiconductors in just about every device with a plug, a power button or a battery. In this episode of What Matters Most, Sands Capital technology analyst Daniel Pilling explains why Entegris, a critical player in the global semiconductor industry, is seeing rapid growth as the demand for AI and machine learning intensifies.
Investment Strategy
Banking on Emerging Markets
Throughout emerging markets, advances in technology are enabling the creation of digital banking solutions that better address evolving consumer preferences and enable billions of the unbanked to access the financial system.
Investment Strategy
Assessing the New AI Paradigm
Businesses that provide the building blocks for generative AI or that can harness its power to provide better products and services should be the beneficiaries of this first wave of the artificial intelligence revolution
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Our strategies selectively allocate capital to leading public and private businesses, across the growth spectrum, around the world.

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Our skilled professionals are dedicated to delivering on our mission of adding value, while cultivating deep and enduring partnerships with our clients.

In The News
Sands Capital Named Signatory to UK Stewardship Code
The United Kingdom’s Financial Reporting Council has named Sands Capital as a signatory to the UK Stewardship Code, which was designed to strengthen reporting requirements and stewardship expectations for asset managers, asset owners, and service providers.
Sands Capital Releases 2022 Stewardship Report
Our latest annual report offers a comprehensive view of how we add value through active stewardship.
Chris Jenkins Named to CII’s Corporate Governance Advisory Council
Learn more about why we believe a company’s governance practices should be part of any long-term fundamental analysis undertaken to determine whether a company is a solid investment.
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Our latest thinking on innovation investing, long-term capital, and culture.

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