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Charter Communications Is Bringing Broadband Access to Rural Communities
The pandemic has underscored the extent of the digital divide in the United States, where only 65 percent of the rural population have fixed, high-speed internet access, according to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
AIA Encouraging and Educating People to Lead Healthier Lives
This pan-Asian life insurer has launched a broad-based campaign that targets key health risks and chronic conditions that can be treated or prevented with healthier lifestyles and better access to health care.
Making COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Easier
Twilio developed a call system to help emergency responders effectively communicate with healthcare providers on vaccine logistics.
Developing Drugs Faster
Wuxi Biologics’ R&D platform has been critical in the manufacture of vaccines and therapeutic antibodies against COVID-19.
Seeking a More Inclusive Workplace
Recruit, including Glassdoor and Indeed, embraces technology to help all people find fulfilling jobs.
Lifeline Shopify
Shopify helps businesses survive by moving operations online.
Making Housing Accessible
Zillow invests in partnerships, research, and products that help build sustainable communities.
Globant Meeting Pandemic Data Needs
Globant provides technology for socially distanced learning, healthcare data tracking, and helps remote businesses communication and collaboration—all vital services in the era of the coronavirus pandemic.
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