Category: Investment Strategy

While there is a long road ahead before data-driven decision-making becomes common across organizations, we believe businesses that enable this data stack will be an important area for venture capital investment in the years to come.
Throughout emerging markets, advances in technology are enabling the creation of digital banking solutions that better address evolving consumer preferences and enable billions of the unbanked to access the financial system.
During times of market volatility and selling, we remind our clients and one another that we need to always look forward—past these phases of market panic—to focus on the long term, where we believe value is dictated by fundamentals.
We believe this life sciences revolution has created exciting opportunities for select businesses to create value and generate wealth for long-term investors.
As long-term stewards of capital, we believe it is critical that businesses, investors, and capital allocators factor climate change into their long-term strategies as they would any other environmental, social, or governance issue.
Wes Johnston, a co-portfolio manager on the Select Growth strategy, discusses how volatility in high growth has spilled over into the broader Russell 1000 Growth index, and where we see potential opportunities.
Healthcare companies are leveraging advances in technology to make smarter and smaller medical devices that enable earlier diagnosis and better treatment of disease.
Brian Christiansen, a co-portfolio manager on the Emerging Markets Growth strategy, shares what is working—and what isn’t—in emerging markets.
Markets for innovative medical devices can grow by leaps when the devices gain regulatory evaluations, reimbursement coverage, or acceptance by the medical community.
Given the geopolitical risks exacerbated by Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, we have sold Russia holdings and are evaluating other investments in the region.