Category: Impact

Kaspi’s digital solutions are bridging vast geographical divides to boost financial inclusion and empower small and midsized enterprises across the nation.
Recruit Holdings is transforming the world of work through wage transparency and providing life-changing opportunities for immigrants and refugees.
With the launch of its Square Reader, Block (formerly Square) gave small businesses an easy way to process credit card payments and manage their business. Now its Cash App gives young and low-income individuals a simplified way to spend, save, invest, send money, and access credit.
Reliance is helping to deliver lower-cost and higher-quality products—everything from mobile devices to food—to consumers across India while also using more renewable energy sources to do so.
Shopify is providing resources to help people from diverse and underserved communities thrive as business owners.
Entegris is working to deliver innovations to semiconductor fabrication that will foster greater productivity and economic growth while enhancing sustainability.
XP offers extensive education and fee-free products to make it easier for retail customers to invest and manage their finances.
Cloudflare makes its web security and reliability services free to organizations that serve vital public interests.
Bio-Techne has developed a more predictive test that complements traditional detection methods to identify high-risk patients.
Entain is increasing access to technology and helping to safeguard against the risks that betting and gaming present for some participants.