Category: Impact

Wuxi Biologics’ R&D platform has been critical in the manufacture of vaccines and therapeutic antibodies against COVID-19.
Recruit, including Glassdoor and Indeed, embraces technology to help all people find fulfilling jobs.
Shopify helps businesses survive by moving operations online.
Zillow invests in partnerships, research, and products that help build sustainable communities.
Globant provides technology for socially distanced learning, healthcare data tracking, and helps remote businesses communication and collaboration—all vital services in the era of the coronavirus pandemic.
Intuit is working to boost survival rates for small businesses.
Aptiv is making autonomous vehicles safer and creating environmental efficiencies within its manufacturing.
Match uses technology to bring people together, and with some 40 percent of U.S. relationships now starting online, safety, security, and privacy are critical for Match’s businesses.
Square’s mission and the success of its products are fundamentally about enabling underserved populations to access the financial system.
As it seeks to increase diversity and inclusion in its workplace, Visa is targeting professional development, examining workplace demographics and pay equity, and expanding recruitment efforts.