Category: Impact

Entegris is working to deliver innovations to semiconductor fabrication that will foster greater productivity and economic growth while enhancing sustainability.
XP offers extensive education and fee-free products to make it easier for retail customers to invest and manage their finances.
Cloudflare makes its web security and reliability services free to organizations that serve vital public interests.
Bio-Techne has developed a more predictive test that complements traditional detection methods to identify high-risk patients.
Entain is increasing access to technology and helping to safeguard against the risks that betting and gaming present for some participants.
For humanitarian purposes, and because of its code of societal ethics, Taiwan Semiconductor is fully committed to the responsible sourcing of minerals and working to obtain its raw materials from conflict-free regions.
Airbnb offers direct aid and helps its guests spend in ways that help those in need.
Chinese electric car manufacturer NIO is enabling people to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.
Visa is bringing access to digital payments to millions of people around the globe.
Sustainability is a key component of the long-term growth strategy for the chemicals company Sika as it provides solutions to the construction, manufacturing, and transportation industries.