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As responsible stewards of client capital, we must encourage corporations to set clear guidelines for appropriate data use.
CEO and Chief Investment Officer Frank Sands shares his thoughts on 2021 and the firm’s 30 years of innovation investing.
Ian has been instrumental in the development of the venture and private life sciences investing programs. His selection to the leadership team comes as Sands Capital continues to build its private market capabilities.
Investors may look selectively to businesses supported by China’s emphasis on health and wellness, domestic brands, and higher-value manufacturing.
This is Sands Capital’s second life sciences-dedicated fund, and the team will continue investing with an emphasis on private therapeutics, diagnostics, and life sciences tools businesses.
The pervasiveness of online activities demands new approaches to verifying identities.
At the Pensions & Investment’s Private Market Virtual Series, Frank Sands discusses how innovations in life sciences could drive wealth creation opportunities over the next decade.
Investors debate strategies to help boards design corporate pay practices that align with long-term performance.
Firm achieves all A scores in 2020 PRI assessment report.