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To invest differently, we first have to think differently.

Every day we set out to imagine the future and the companies that will create it. Through our insights, we hope to elevate the thinking about the trends that we believe will shape the world of tomorrow.

Investment Strategy
The Essence of Quality
To us, the concept of quality is linked to a company's ability to increase its market share at the expense of competitors, sell ever more value-adding goods and services, and expand its leadership in attractive business spaces through innovation and disruption.
Making Education Less Stressful and Financially Burdensome
Chegg is committed to helping students reap greater benefits from their pursuit of an education.
Investment Strategy
A Faster-Moving Venture Capital Landscape
Companies often become well established before they go public, and the competition among investors for deals has greatly intensified.
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Business Perspectives
Facebook and Evaluating Impact to Society
Brian Christiansen, Director of Stewardship, discusses our take on Meta and the framework we use to evaluate companies from a stewardship perspective.
Business Perspectives
The Tech that Powers a DoorDash Delivery
While ordering take out, a ride share, or some late-night snacks may seem like nothing more than the push of a button, it takes a web of innovative technology companies to make today’s ecommerce possible.
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Episode 5: Bio-Techne
Sands Capital’s Daniel Cheng and Sunil Thakor detail how Bio-Techne's diversified exposure to one of the most dynamic secular growth trends sets it apart, and why it's a high-conviction business for Sands Capital.
Episode 4: Aptiv
Aptiv supplies computer technology to half of the world’s electrified vehicles. We expect it’ll lead the market in active safety solutions next year. Sands Capital’s Danielle Menichella and Dave Levanson discuss why we invest in Aptiv rather than trying to pick a winner from the crowded vehicle manufacturers' race.
Episode 3: MercadoLibre
President and Director of Research Perry Williams and Research Analyst Judy Jiao discuss MercadoLibre, the Argentine company that is now the largest online ecommerce company by gross transaction volume.
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