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Stewardship Updates: Quarterly Reports for September 30, 2023

On a quarterly basis, Sands Capital publishes a detailed look at portfolio carbon metrics, business engagement activity and a recent case study, voting decisions, and a business impact profile.



Sands Capital is committed to helping portfolio businesses grow and mature in part by evolving their governance, social, and environmental practices to navigate emerging economic and social complexities. In our Quarterly Reports for our investment strategies, we publish a detailed look at portfolio carbon metrics, a summary of our business engagement activity for the trailing 12 months along with a recent engagement case study, and a summary of our voting decisions for the trailing 12 months. In addition, we profile the positive impact one portfolio business is making with respect to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. This information can be found in the reports for each our of investment strategies:

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Global Growth

Global Leaders

International Growth

Emerging Markets Growth

Technology Innovators

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