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Investment Strategy
30 Years of Growth Investing: Assessing the Past and Looking Forward
Equity markets have witnessed significant gains and shifts, including rising market concentration. Learn how this evolving landscape fosters an environment conducive to Select Growth's high conviction and long-term approach.
Investment Strategy
Examining the Governance Risks of AI
The broad adoption of generative artificial intelligence could be one of the greatest changes of our lifetime. The risks and unintended consequences that could accompany that widespread use as become a key focus of our stewardship efforts when engaging with our portfolio businesses.
Investment Strategy
What’s Next for Gen AI
We are in the early stages of the most significant paradigm shift of our lifetime. Listen to Sands Capital Sr. Portfolio Manager Thomas Trentman, CFA, discuss the opportunities generative AI has created and where it could take us in decades to come.
Business Perspectives
Episode 10: Flutter
Discover how Flutter is leveraging technology, regulatory changes, and a deep understanding of customer behavior to redefine the betting experience in this podcast episode. From the intricacies of in-game betting to the challenges of responsible gambling, this episode offers a compelling glimpse into the high-stakes world of online betting.
Investment Culture
Inspiring Visionary Research
At Sands Capital we encourage our investment team to think in decades not quarters. Tune in as Director of Research Michael Raab, CFA discusses how culture can support the visionary research needed to find businesses creating the future.
Investment Strategy
An Earnings-powered Recovery 
Markets may not fully appreciate what we see as the significant improvements many of our portfolio businesses have made to their underlying fundamentals.
Business Perspectives
Episode 9: Kaspi
In this episode of What Matters Most, uncover the distinct challenges and prospects of operating and investing in Kazakhstan, a geopolitically intriguing emerging market, and learn how Kaspi is revolutionizing the financial sector, boosting consumer interaction as it cleverly layers its platform, and hoping to accelerate the future of digital finance.
Investment Strategy
Delivering Value to the Modern Consumer
Consumer spending is a huge part of the global economy, and we’ve found that businesses that can harness the power of the internet to put their products in front of millions of customers at once have an edge. Research Analyst Katherine Okon explains why she favors those companies that combine digital and physical operations.
Investment Strategy
EM Still Works
Selective active managers should still be able to find value in emerging markets by looking beyond the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. Discover why headwinds that have pressured the asset class are likely to abate.
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