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Investment Strategy
Following the Fundamentals Through Volatile Times
As we continue to emerge from one of the most difficult periods in our history, we are encouraged by the results of our investment strategies. In 2023, we delivered by sticking with our time-tested investment strategy, following our process, doing our research, and executing.
Investment Strategy
Eight Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in 2024
For 2024, we have identified eight cyber security trends that most excite us. Read how Sands Capital Ventures Partner Mark McGovern and Principal Chris Eng drew on learnings from key developments across the sector to create their vision for the year ahead.
Investment Strategy
Beyond Distortion and Doubt
Change can create uncertainty in financial markets, but it also has the potential to unlock opportunities for many of the businesses we own. Tune in to hear Sr. Portfolio Manager Dave Levanson, CFA discuss the on-going journey of these businesses, why we continued to own them through tough times, and what we can expect from them going forward.
Business Perspectives
Episode 7: Globant
Pure-play businesses have become a staple investment for Sands Capital. Discover the story behind Globant, a growing leader in IT Services, whose more than 1,500 Fortune 500 and Fortune 2000 clients rely on it to deliver cutting edge technologies and customized solutions for even their loftiest technology goals.
Investment Strategy
EM Isn't Broken
Senior Portfolio Manager Brian Christiansen discusses what should we expect going forward from emerging markets and why active management matters.
Business Perspectives
Episode 6: Axon Enterprises
Its mission is simple: protect life, preserve truth, and accelerate justice. As ⁠Axon Enterprises⁠ innovates to try to achieve that goal, its solutions are rapidly becoming the industry standard. Listen as we discuss the business’ journey from Taser maker to artificial intelligence-powered software developer.
Business Perspectives
Making the World’s Video Content Global
Papercup’s proprietary AI dubbing solutions provide high-quality, inexpensive voiceover and video localization.
Business Perspectives
Episode 5: Visa
Join Sands Capital Portfolio Managers Sunil Thakor and Michael Raab as they unpack the company’s history, technology, and the formidable network that cements its position as an industry leader. From IPO to the present, we dissect the anatomy of Visa’s enduring success.
Business Perspectives
Episode 4: Reliance Industries
Reliance Industries’ portfolio of products and services touches almost every person in India on a daily basis—and fueled by favorable micro and macro trends, the company shows no signs of slowing down.
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