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Danielle Menichella, CFA

Portfolio Manager
Sr. Research Analyst

Joined Sands Capital


Work Experience

Sands Capital (2020 – 2020)
Arlington, VA | Portfolio Manager, Research Analyst

Sands Capital (2013 – 2020)
Arlington, VA | Research Analyst

Ashmore Equity Investment Management (2010-2013)
Arlington, VA | Senior Analyst

Emerging Markets Management (1997-2010)
Arlington, VA | Analyst


Duke University (1997)
AB | Economics and Public Policy

Investment Strategy
Navigating New Inflation Frontiers
We believe businesses that can set prices, enable automation, and provide cost-cutting solutions are best positioned to weather today’s inflationary environment.
Investment Strategy
Road to the Future
Today, we view electrification, or the shift from vehicles with internal combustion engines to those powered by batteries, as one of the most important secular trends of the next decade.
Investment Strategy
Insights Gleaned from Past Bear Markets
Sands Capital portfolio managers reflect on five powerful lessons they have learned while investing through past bear markets.
Investment Strategy
Investing Through a Difficult Year
After a difficult year for markets in 2022, Sands Capital’s portfolio managers are confident that investors will be able to benefit from long-term trends like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and gene sequencing.

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