Ashraf A. Haque
Ashraf A. Haque

Sr. Portfolio Manager
Research Analyst

Joined Sands Capital


Work Experience

Sands Capital (2008 - 2013)
Arlington, VA | Research Analyst

Chesapeake Partners (2007 - 2008)
Baltimore, MD | Investment Analyst

McKinsey & Company (2003 - 2005)
Chicago, IL | Business Analyst

GH Smart & Company (2001 - 2003)
Chicago, IL | Director, Business Development


Harvard University (2007)
MBA | Harvard Business School 

Northwestern University (2001)
BA | Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences and Economics 

Investment Strategy
Looking Ahead: Innovation and Growth Investing
Portfolio managers Ashraf Haque, Dave Levanson, Suni Thakor, and Tom Trentman offer their perspectives on areas of innovative growth within and beyond the tech sector.
Investment Strategy
China Offers Still Compelling, Yet Complex, Investment Opportunities
China’s rising middle class and sustained innovation could drive growth in select businesses that are unaffected by new regulations.
Investment Strategy
Seeking Digital Disruptors in International Markets
Ashraf Haque and Sunil Thakor, co-portfolio managers of Sands Capital’s International Growth strategy, dive into the opportunity set that can be found overseas.
Investment Strategy
Making Sense of China’s Regulatory Crackdowns
Recent actions against private after-school tutoring providers and ride-hailing firms have some investors questioning whether Chinese companies are investable. A more complicated picture emerges in the examination of the nuances.
Investment Strategy
China's Regulatory Environment and Its Implications for Growth Investors
Sr. Portfolio Managers Ashraf Haque and Brian Christiansen along with Research Analyst Judy Jiao discuss the Chinese regulatory environment and the potential impact these shifts could have on businesses and the economy.
Investment Strategy
Perspectives on Growth Opportunities in Emerging Markets
Ashraf Haque discusses how the rapid and pervasive diffusion of technological innovation has changed the investment landscape in emerging markets.

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